Denys Flores, PhD.

  Facultad de Ingeniería de Sistemas
Escuela Politécnica Nacional del Ecuador 
Teléfono: (+593) 2 2976 300 
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  • University of Warwick, Reino Unido, PhD in Computer Science, 2019.
  • University of Derby, Reino Unido, MSc. in Forensic Computing and Security, 2012.
  • Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Ecuador, Ingeniero en Sistemas Informáticos y de Computación, 2008


DICC-A2-L1 Computación Aplicada a las Comunicaciones y Seguridades

DICC-A2-L2: Seguridad y Privacidad

DICC-A2-L3: Temas profesionales y sociales




  • Hybrid logical clocks for database forensics: Filling the gap between chain of custody and database auditing
  • Implementing chain of custody requirements in database audit records for forensic purposes
  • Bring your own disclosure: Analysing BYOD threats to corporate information
  • An integrated model for ICT Governance and Management applied to the Council for Evaluation, Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education Institutions in Ecuador
  • An authentication and auditing architecture for enhancing security on egovernment services.
  • A Social Engineering Discussion about Privacy Attacks and Defences in Web Browsers and Social Networks
  • An Anti-Money Laundering Methodology: Financial Regulations, Information Security and Digital Forensics Working Together
  • Combining digital forensic practices and database analysis as an anti-money laundering strategy for financial institutions
  • CONDOR: A hybrid IDS to offer improved intrusion detection.